lunes, abril 04, 2005


EEUU está muy preocupado por la forma en la que puede mejorar su imagen en el mundo árabe. Por eso, Rami Khouri analiza algunos de sus problemas y le da algunos consejos sobre cómo favorecer la democracia en Oriente Medio:

Credibility. The US simply does not have much credibility in the middle east in terms of consistency or fairness. Instead, its long policy track-record has hurt, angered or offended most people in this region, primarily by backing Arab dictators and autocrats, or supporting the Israeli position on key issues of Arab-Israeli peacemaking. The priority “freedom issue” for most Arabs is freedom from foreign occupation and subjugation, whether it’s the Palestinians, Iraq or other situations. If Washington uses war and pressure diplomacy to implement United Nations resolutions in Lebanon and Iraq, but does nothing parallel to implement UN resolutions calling for the freedom of Palestinians from Israeli occupation, it will continue to be greeted with disdainful guffaws in most of the middle east.

Legitimacy. There is no global consensus that the United States is mandated to promote freedom and democracy, or that this is America’s divinely ordained destiny. There is such a mandate, though, in the United Nations’ charter, Security Council resolutions to end foreign occupations and international legal conventions – most of which the US resists, ignores, or applies very selectively. No surprise then that virtually the whole world resists the United States.