jueves, julio 07, 2005


Donald McLeod, en The Guardian, compara las similitudes entre los atentados de Londres y los de Madrid.

The explosions in London look like an attempt to recreate the Madrid bombings and would have been planned for months, a leading terrorism expert said today as the capital began to come to terms with an apparently coordinated attack.

Michael Clarke, director of the Centre for Defence Studies at King's College London, said six bombs would mean at least 24 people involved in planting them in a targeted operation. The fact that London had been hit when the resources of the security forces were focused on the G8 summit at Gleneagles indicated some clever thinking by terrorists.

El periodista aporta otra idea interesante: de la misma manera que los servicios de seguridad intentan infiltrar agentes en las organizaciones terroristas, los asesinos también colocan sus peones en empresas constructuras y otros organismos.

Prof Clarke also warned of terrorists trying to infiltrate construction firms and said it was likely all employees would have to be "screened" to guard against security breaches.

"Just as the security services try to infiltrate terrorist groups, so terrorist groups try to infiltrate construction firms and contract bodies," he said.

"Al-Qaida related terrorists have learned to get on the inside so they can find out what is going on. One of the things the security services will start to think about is screening who is employed".

Lo que está claro es que son muchos, bien organizados y sin ningún tipo de sentido común. Esto comienza a pintar muy mal y yo me pregunto cómo diablos se pueden parar este tipo de ataques.